Welcome to Village Toolbox
Your community's home on the internet.

Use VillageToolbox to help organize, strengthen and build your community. Creating an account and starting a new community is free, and opens a world of possibilities for you and your neighbours. Use the wiki as your homepage, and for keeping track of community events. Tools are available for sharing skills, tools and finding sitters for your house, pets or kids.

To get an idea how your neighborhood can benefit, take a quick walk through a sample community.

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Each community created on villagetoolbox.com gets access to:
  • Community Wiki
  • Community directory
  • Multiple mailing lists
  • Galleries
  • Tool sharing directory
  • Skill sharing directory
  • Sitters directory
  • Community Classifieds
  • Event calendar

Creating and Joining is free.

Village Toolbox is still in beta. Not all features are working, and things may get changed around, but if you want to be part of testing, go ahead and create an account, create a community, and give us any feedback or bug reports you come up with.