Village Toolbox Privacy Policy

VillageToolbox has established a strict privacy policy in order to protect you and your neighbor's privacy. We will do our utmost in all situations to keep your personal details protected from the world at large. By default, your name and email will be available to the people in your community, as well as your location, and phone number, if you enter them. To avoid sharing this information with your neighbours, you can alter your settings on the User Settings page.

VillageToolbox will not sell or redistribute your personal information in any way shape or form.

Your user name and email address are available, by default, to members of your community. Your phone and address are also available, if you enter them in your profile. If you do not want any of this information available, you may disable that in your user preferences.

VillageToolbox will make every attempt to keep spammers and email bots off the site.

Joining a community must be approved by a moderator. This is to keep your information as safe as possible.

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