Welcome to the VillageToolbox Advertising Center. Here you can create or upload banner ads, then, for a small fee, schedule them to run on your community pages. To get started, click on "Create an Ad..." in the "My Ad Images" tab.

About Ads on VillageToolbox...

The goal of the banner ads on VillageToolbox is to give neighbours a way to advertise local services and businesses to one another (and hopefully cover the costs of running the service). It is an ideal way to reach your neighbours to let them know about:

  • Handyman, lawn mowing or snow clearing services
  • Piano teachers, tutors, etc.
  • Businesses that serve the community, such as Realtors or Conveinience Stores.
  • Any community member that has a message the requires more than just an email message.

The ads run at the bottom of every page relating to your community on VillageToolbox. Each month up to two community members can buy that ad space. The site will load one of the two ads randomly.

There are 2 steps to running an ad.

  • First, create a new ad using the Village Toolbox ad designer, or upload an image that you have created on your computer. Banner ads are 800x100 pixels.
  • Next, in the "My Ad Images" tab, click on the 'schedule' link next to the ad that you want to run. It costs $4.00 for each month you want the ad to run.

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